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The change of the company name from Hoseo Telecom Co., Ltd. to CASTWIN expresses the company's strong will to be reborn through fundamental changes in constitution and image.
Departing from the traditional image of CI, the focus was on graphicizing a modern and simple watermark typeface. In addition, the connection between the two words CAST and WIN with straight lines and curves, as well as the softness and simplicity that fit the corporate image as an ITC company, were felt at the same time. We focused on possible identities.
Blue color used for watermark is CASTWIN's own corporate color, which conveys a rational and strong image of trust, and at the same time contains the will to become more familiar with customers through softness and comfort.


English Type
Korean Type
Castwin logotype is used to indicate the official mission of Castwin. It is designed with visual balance and proportion in consideration of formative unity and composability, so it cannot be changed arbitrarily. The use of a modified logo type distorts the image of CASTWIN or weakens the communication effect, so it requires careful attention. In order to prevent the transformation of the Castwin logo type during use, the original must be reproduced using the general engraving method or computer printing method. If this is not possible, the grid scale presented must be used. SIGNATURE


CASTWIN Signature street English
[주]캐스트윈 Signature street Korean
* The changed form is not available
Castwin signature is a direct expression system that recognizes Castwin externally as an official text logotype. The signature can be used by selecting an appropriate type according to the situation of the application medium, and we have developed a signature system in Korean and English to suit its function and purpose. When using a signature, the proportion, spacing, or size cannot be arbitrarily changed. When using the signature, you must use the manual data.


When CI is used, a color is inevitably selected, and different colors must be used according to the background color. When using a single color of Back & White, the brightness described in the application of single color printed matter below should be used, and the greater the contrast according to the brightness, the clearer the effect can be obtained. The basic policy is that the word mark to be conveyed should always be clearly expressed in any background color.


  • Panlone DS 208-1 C
    C100 M50 Y0 K0
    R0 G98 B172
  • Panlone White
    C0 M0 Y0 K0
    R255 G255 B255
Main Color
  • Panlone Bleck C
    C0 M0 Y0 K100
    R240 G128 B0
  • Panlone Cool Gray 11C
    C0 M0 Y0 K80
    R51 G51 B51
Grayscale, B/W
  • Panlone 151C
    C0 M65 Y90 K0
    R0 G72 B155
  • Panlone 298C
    C76 M9 Y0 K0
    R63 G166 B204
  • Panlone 277C
    C27 M9 Y0 K0
    R186 G209 B229
Sub Color
Color of CASTWIN is one of the visual elements with high discrimination power of CASTWIN, so color application and expression are very important factors in forming CASTWIN's Image. The expression of exclusive colors is based on the four primary colors when printing, and spot color printing is also possible depending on the characteristics of the applied medium. There may be slight differences in color reproduction depending on the printing method, density, geology, etc.