Digital Controller


Management System

CASTWIN’s NMS offers optimized solution which is very adaptable for various devices. It provides user friendly interface and convenience in order to integrative manage the number of devices easily. Also, it offers Fast-analyzing function to respond for any occurred problem immediately. It uses convenient managing tool set so that it let users manage for CASTWINs. Additionally, it offers warning and notice solution for various cases.

· CASTWIN’s NMS offers optimized solution to
  prevent from inconvenience with un-necessary
  function, inaccurate data, bug etc after set-up.
· CASTWIN’s NMS is much easier to use and install for
  users compared to other existing NMS.
· Cost effective solution by easy installation and  
  reduction of labor cost
· Enable users to better manage the network and
  quality of service combined with lower operational  
· Realize high advanced network monitoring
· Monitoring operation status
· Convenient Tab for searching
· Sensing for any occurred problem from devices
· Management of error, function, solution
· Management of data upon occurred error, fluctuation
· Monitoring entire network of CASTWIN
· Prompt access via Web
· Perfect and fast control
· Standard up-grade & maintenance